Through the eyes of a landscape photographer

Pruhonice Park

While during the day the Průhonice Park is teeming with tourists from all over, in the morning and evening everything quiets down and suddenly everything turns into a completely different world

About the gallery

 I have lived in Průhonice all my life and gradually developed my own relationship with the park. However as a landscape photographer, I was never satisfied with ordinary midday light and looked for conditions that I myself found interesting and unusual.

The gallery presents a selection of the best photos that I created during the years 2018-2021 as the last set of my landscape work, before I began to devote myself fully to wedding and commercial photography. The collection was also presented as part of an author's exhibition at the Gallery Natura in Průhonice castle. Non of the photos below are photo montages, nor modified photos, everything you see was captured in real life.

Behind the whole work are countless early mornings and watching the weather, waiting for the right conditions, hundreds of kilometers covered and searching for compositions on and off the trails. The exhibition shows how much time and season affect the atmosphere of the park, and that hidden beauty can be discovered even outside the normal season. From spring's first rays falling on rhododendron flowers, to misty meadows during autumn mornings to winter's snow-covered trees and icy waterfalls. 

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