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Cats are just like dogs, members of the family, but they are rarely captured in memorable photos. Perhaps you didn't even know about the possibility of photographing your furry companion. My name is Oliver, I am a cat photographer from Průhonice and I'm happy to travel wherever you need me. 

Whether you have a playful kitten or an old grump at home, we'll create beautiful photos and memories with both :)

Questions and Answers

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Photographing takes place in the natural environment of your furry sweetheart – at your home. I bring all the equipment and lighting directly to you, so there's no need for any extensive preparation or travel on your part 🙂

All the photos you see on the website were taken in completely ordinary households. Using longer lenses and playing with light, we can bring out the beauty of the space and highlight it in the photos. Of course, a little tidying up at home also helps 🙂

Absolutely! I have experience working with shy or nervous cats. I approach each session with patience and a gentle demeanor, allowing your kitty to feel comfortable and secure. By taking our time and letting your cat get accustomed to my presence, we can capture wonderful moments without causing stress. Your cat's well-being is a top priority during the photo session."

Most of the process involves capturing natural activities that your cat does effortlessly and joyfully, whether it's drinking from a fountain, basking in the sun, hiding under a blanket, or terrorizing a plush mouse :). At the beginning, I usually take photos from a distance, and as the cat becomes more comfortable, I gradually get closer, opening up new possibilities. 

Absolutely! If you'd like, we can include you in the photos with your cat. Whether it's candid moments of interaction or posed shots, capturing the bond between you and your feline friend can make for truly heartwarming and memorable pictures."


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About me

About me

My focus is on capturing the moments of weddings, couples, and events. Reflecting on my experiences from behind the scenes in dog photography, I wondered why there weren't dedicated professional photographers for cats—and that's where my journey began. 

During our photosession, I blend the art of light, composition, and the unique personalities of our cat friends, similar to capturing a human portrait. Cats, with their unpredictability, independence, and charm, have become a fascinating subject for me. Working with them demands patience and empathy, and it's not a journey for everyone. Yet, despite the occasional scratches, my love for cats is still going strong!

Photography is both my full-time profession and a heartfelt passion. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity, and I assure you, I will dedicate myself to delivering the very best.

Oliver Beneš

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