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Hello, my name is Oliver and I am a photographer from Průhonice

I graduated from photography high school, after which I went freelance without further studies. That's when I decided that instead of theory, I mainly wanted practice. Through astrophotography and landscape photography, thanks to which I won awards twice in Czech Press Photo, I gradually got into photographing people and life events connected with them.

I would describe myself as complete photography and light enthusiast. For me, photography is not just a job for which I spend minimal effort, it is a big part of myself and I give it my absolute best. I love meeting new people, capturing their stories and emotions , and with that also traveling and exploring new places.

I try to find the hidden beauty in everything and capture it in the best possible light, photography also allows me to materialize my own ideas into something real. At the same time , I believe in its timeless value and ability to preserve important memories and faces forever. For weddings, I therefore work mainly in a documentary style with intervention only where absolutely necessary. I strive for a personal, relaxed and friendly approach. Only when you relax and drop all fears will we photograph a sincere, genuine smile. I'm excited when the photos make you satisfied and that's one of the engines that drives me forward.

I would describe my style as modern, creatively - documentary, with realistic colors and clean, light editing. I realize what a responsibility and at the same time an honor it is to be able to document someone's life story and therefore I will do my best to make you satisfied. I look forward to our meeting when I get to know you better.


milá slova



The night sky in the mountains will probably never cease to fascinate me. It is also where I started my journey as a photographer and it is my inspiration for the future

I have wonderful, supportive parents, who made it possible for me to start this career in the first place, and a loving girlfriend, Nicole, who supports me.

The greatest relaxation for me is movement and cooking, during which I can completely turn off my thoughts. Although I'm still able to burn every other pancake :)

When taking pictures, I often start a anutomatic talking machine, but there is no way to correct it, because my brain is primarily devoted to taking pictures. Basically, I never know what made the photographed people laugh